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In 2004, the Chinese E-Signature Law came into effect, which will fundamentally improve the legal environment of and promise a brilliant future for the development of the electronic commerce in China.

As the first electronic law website in China, the China Electronic Commerce Law Website was established in July 2000 and endeavors to become the expert in said field.

The website has a rich background knowledge and resource of participation in making policy and law for electronic commerce, doing research and practice. The website focuses on the overall policy, legislation, judiciary, executive and practice of electronic commerce development in China, fully and profoundly informed of the updated messages. As an expert in this field, our company has gone through thick and thin of electronic commerce development in resent years. But we continue to stand out and prosper with the help of government departments at all levels, all branches and many customers. In 2003, our website was granted with "The Law Consultant Website of China Electronic Commerce Association" and the single law service company for the 7th China E-Commerce International Conference. We also initiated Chinese e-commerce enterprises to put forward proposals on improving e-commerce legal environment and hosted many important meetings such as "the 1st Beijing Informatization Legal Environment Forum ", "Online Transaction Regulation Act Symposium", "2004 Credit and E-commerce Symposium" and so on. We succeeded in participating in legislation and doing research for e-commerce, and exploring the field of the soft science. All activities were thought of well by government departments at all levels, experts and professionals. Through three year development, our website basically was established as the authorative platform for e-commerce laws in China. It also becomes the window for the government participation in e-commerce legislation and research, the platform for academic research and communication as well as an important way for enterprises to address problems and hear different voices of legislation. At present, every piece of news is clicked for thirty times daily and the monthly e-magazine Express of China E-Commerce Policy and Laws set a record of one thousand issues. The latest 18th issue was released in April, 2004.

Our website mainly provides three types of information. The first is the latest information on policy and laws related to e-commerce and the Internet, including such aspects as policy, legislation, judiciary and executive etc.. We focus on news, laws, regulations and legislations of accuracy, currency and briefness. We translate some news into English to keep the pace with the world. The second is the information scrutinized and edited by our staff, such as contract examples, case collections, standard introduction, investment and registration certification etc.. We endeavor to provide customers with valuable information of practice and operation procedures. The third is the original information only or first published by our website, including an in-depth analysis, judgment and discussion on hot issues in the field. This is aimed to provoke thoughts, attract attention and encourage research and solution. We at the same time provide experts' opinions and analysis to broaden views on the same topic. These three types of information form the main contents of the Express of China E-Commerce Policy and Laws.

In the near future we are going to launch a series of more pragmatic programs step by step to make more profit. These programs, channels and sub-websites include "Recommendation on E-Commerce Law Service Institutions", "Contest of Papers on E-commerce and the Internet Laws", " E-commerce Financing Cooperation Platform", "China E-Commerce Credit Website Association", "Online Mediation for E-commerce Disputes" etc.. We are looking forward to your support and suggestions.

The e-commerce and Internet policy and laws are at the core of our website. Apart from this, we also pay attention to policy and laws closely linked to IT industry such as fields of software, hardware and integrated circuits etc., e-Government and informatization, telecommunication and the intellectual property.

Beijing Deofar Consultant, the founder of the China Electronic Commerce Law Website is the first consultant company specializing in policy and laws of IT and telecommunication industries in China. It devotes to research of the information industry market and the legal climate in China, consultant of decision-making and management, as well as engages in investment and financing. It is aimed to provide customers with systematic consultant services and solutions, including consultant for policy and laws of e-commerce and the Internet, information technology and industry, and telecommunication industry etc.. In addition, the company also offers services of software copyright registration, relative agency service of registration, training and exhibitions and so on.

Cooperation in all forms with the China Electronic Commerce Law Website is welcome. We are looking forward to making progress with you.

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